Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Best Sci Fi List Launches

Best Sci Fi Lists

Welcome to the heart of everything Science Fiction, As anyone who loves Sci Fi we know that there has been so many amazing Television series and Movies over the years that sometimes some truly amazing stories and concepts can be overshadowed and lost in the fold, we have came together to ensure in list format and a Top series some gems that might have otherwise have gone unseen.

So get ready to take a leap into the stars and make sure that you are secured in order to visit some of the most amazing and dangerous places ever conceived, more than that get ready to meet the aliens that inhabit these worlds and galaxies to see just what types of creatures have been created.

Science Fiction Lists

Let's take a look over some of the aliens and worlds we will be looking at on our voyage through the stars and different realities:

Yoda from Star Wars, The biggest attitude on the smallest alien
Star Wars carries a massive weight in the science fiction arena and we would be remiss not to include it so make no mistake we will be delving into many of the aliens and worlds from the behemoth in the Sci Fi world.

The Ultimate and long standing Alien
Some of the most terrifying aliens to ever enter our imaginations, truly amazing creatures evolved over series of films, From its face hugging little brother the chest bursting ruin your day kind of little guy that turns into the stuff of nightmares.

The Arachnid from Starship troopers
The Arachnids are an amazing creation brought to life stunningly well in the films series Starship Troopers, Battlefield scenes not for the faint hearted but truly vivid in their depiction of this species.
Independence Day Alien 
A big movie in the Sci Fi franchise and well recognised worldwide, Independence Day from their mother ship to the fighters a great design and creation. The fighter combat scenes are amazing and the few scenes with these aliens are great to watch as well as the upcoming follow up to the movie.

Never Does Not Exist In The Human Mind... Only "Not Yet" - The Girl In The Moon

The best Sci Fi lists on everything to follow so watch this space and stay tuned for the journey, we look forward to sparking your imagination and showing you some of the most amazing concepts ever created around science fiction, also check out our sister site at Alien Spaceship.

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